Christ the King Lutheran of Delafield, WI, is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Coordinator (SSVC). This position is a part-time, exempt position. The SSVC will work with the congregation’s pastor to oversee and direct Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs and related ministries. Qualified candidates must be able to work effectively in a staff environment, recruit and train leaders, organize and manage an active program, and work with a high level of autonomy. Candidates must demonstrate a strong faith in the saving works of God through Jesus Christ, an ability and willingness to articulate their faith, an understanding of the Lutheran witness to the gospel and more. The position is 15 hours a week and includes Sunday responsibilities.

SS and VBS Coordinator, Job Description

Christ the King Lutheran Church
Personnel Chair
1600 N. Genesee Street, Delafield WI 53018


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