Leadership at CTK

Partnership in ministry is evident in the way Christ the King organizes its leadership. We practice “Cooperative Leadership” in the congregation. Pastor and Lay leaders work together. 

The following serve as leaders on the Church Council: 

Rev. James Holmberg – Interim Pastor
Andy Justman - President

Carol White - Past President

Paul Neumiller - Vice President

LeeAnn Quinlan - Secretary

Mike Hase - Treasurer

Paul Sternemann - Property and Grounds

Brian Muente - Youth Committee

Barb Hamann - Outreach

Bob Weirichs - Aduit and Budget

Vicky Jaeger - Worship and Music

Jan Guetzkte - Membership

Jenny Morris - Stewardship

At this time for following positions are vacant: Personnel, Education

The committees of these two areas will report to the President until a chair is appointed.

Also, appointed to serve in non-council roles as chairman of committees include:
Bev Waltz – Fellowship Chair