Giving at CTK

Ministry Happens Because of Generosity
Christians grow in generosity to God because God loves us deeply and richly. We give because God first loves us. God’s love pulls us into life. God abundantly provides food and clothing, home and family, daily work, and all we need from day to day. God pulls us into eternal life through the gift of Jesus Christ, who sets us free from the powers of death that work against God’s life-giving purposes. In Jesus, we are forgiven and set free from sin, death and all the destructive powers of evil.

God intends a portion of God’s gifts to us to be used for the sake of furthering God’s life-giving ministry. This page provides resources for you to consider growing in generosity toward God. It attempts to help you think more purposefully about what your response to the One who lavishes you with extravagance, the One who gives you abundant life.


Resources for Growing in Generosity

Working together, we can grow in generosity so that God’s ministry in and through us might grow.

Giving to God: The Bible's Good News about Living a Generous Life - a book available in the CTK bookstore – written by Mark Allan Powell, this book encourages people to approach giving as an act of worship rooted in spirituality.