Adult Education

Adult Forum's are weekly gatherings of adults talking about a variety of topics. Each session is unique, and while some build on others prior to them, each session is designed to be a self-contained whole. 

In other words, people can drop in whenever they are able and will not find themselves lost because they weren’t at a prior week’s forum.

  • Boys, Breakfast and Bible Study: the first and third Saturdays of the month at 7:00am
  • Friday Morning Men’s Group: Fridays at 6:15am at Perkins Restaurant in Delafield
  • Women’s Circles: various days and times, consult the Advocate and weekly bulletin or contact CTK’s office at (262) 646-2343 (check the Women's Ministry page for more details)
  • Musical Groups: the choir and bell choir meet Wednesdays (check the Music Ministry page for more details)