Over the years numerous scenarios have been discussed as to how CTK’s parking lot can be rehabilitated. During this time many good ideas were proposed and the Exterior Renovation Task Force (ERTF, formerly known as the Parking Lot Committee) combined these ideas with current building use while looking to the future needs as well.

Thank you to all who have donated and assisted with this project!


September 9, 2018: Parking Lot Dedication at CTK Rally Day Tailgate Party

Drone Video:


July 30, 2018:

The project is nearly complete with only minor items left open.  Other than for some of the items yet to be done below, parking is unrestricted moving forward.

Items left to complete –

  • Final landscape touchup at the SE corner of the site.  This includes additional topsoil, seed, and erosion mat.
  • Handicap stall signs will be installed at each stall.  This includes the installation of a pipe bollard drilled into the new asphalt and set in concrete.
  • Two stop signs will be installed on posts, one at each driveway adjacent to the painted white stop bar.
  • Two bollards will be set at the gas service on the south side of the building to protect that from cars.

We expect this work to be completed this week.

July 19, 2018: 


June 28, 2018: The big news, of course, is that we have asphalt! P&D successfully installed the asphalt lower layer over the entire parking area. Following are specific items moving forward:

  • The entire lot is open for use at this time!
  • Mike and I painted a few parking stalls on the asphalt lower layer. We are far from being pavement marking experts so please ignore the wavy lines and perhaps a few mistakes that are crossed out. These lines are just intended to give folks an idea where to park for now. Once the asphalt surface is installed the real pavement marking experts will be on site to provide parking lines.
  • The next major step in the project is landscape restoration. This will include topsoil, seed, and mat within grass areas and topsoil within planting areas. Rain continues to interfere with this part of the project. We do not have a firm schedule for this work as of today. We need multiple days of sun to dry out the site and allow us to complete the work.
  • Upon completion of the landscaping, the asphalt surface will be installed.
  • We hope to see new parking lot lighting soon. Outdoor Lighting was given a tentative delivery date of 6-29 for poles and fixtures. If they come in on time we may see installation next week.

June 25, 2018: The asphalt lower layer has been paved! 

  • The final asphalt layer (2” thick) will be scheduled after the landscape restoration is completed.
  • Landscape restoration – the dirt areas on the site are very wet and at this point cannot be graded. So there may be a number of days of no work taking place. Once the ground is dry enough P&D will return to place topsoil and finish grade the planting and lawn areas. After that, seed and erosion mat will be placed.
  • While waiting for the landscaping, the entire lot will be available for use… enjoy!


June 20, 2018: This afternoon P&D will finish the installation of the PaveDrain pavers within the south lot. Tomorrow morning they will start finish grading within all areas south of the building. Depending on how that goes, they may move into the west lot and start finish grading that area. If that happens we will come into the office and ask folks to move their cars into the south lot. On Friday, all parking will be in the south lot as P&D continues work finish grading within the west parking lot. Cars may enter and exist into the south lot through the west driveway as you have been doing so far. The east driveway will continue to be closed for now. This is all predicated on the continued dry weather. Rain can and will interfere with this plan.

Given all the rain and the existing forecast, it is unlikely any paving will take place this week. Parking on Sunday will be on stone and within the west lot. We do not yet have a firm day for paving given the forecast.

Aerial photos and videos shared by Mike Groh:

Watch Video 1

Watch Video 2


June 14, 2018: 
  • All concrete work has been completed. Now the concrete needs to sit and cure so that it will be strong enough when we start placing topsoil and asphalt against it. Typically it will be at a high enough strength in about 7 days.
  • Payne & Dolan is expected to be back on the site next week Tuesday.
  • The plan for next week is to install the pervious paver blocks in the south lot and finish grading the stone base to prepare it for paving.
  • If that work goes smoothly and weather cooperates it is possible the first layer of asphalt will be installed as well. The surface layer (final 2”) shall be delayed until final topsoil placement is completed.
  • We ask that all building access continue through the main entrance for now. Although the new concrete is strong enough to walk on, there are many trip hazards and we would like, therefore, to keep the other access areas closed.
  • Parking will continue to be within the west parking lot until likely mid next week when the contractor starts to finish grade the stone. Once I know the specifics of that schedule I will communicate with Joel, we will put a plan in place, and communicate that for weekday activities.
June 11, 2018: We had a very productive week on the parking lot!
  • All stone base was installed for the pavement. The stone has been “rough-graded” which means it is not yet perfectly set for the paving. Once the curbs and walks are installed the stone will be “finely graded” and then be ready for asphalt paving.
  • Also installed last week are 4” PVC sleeves at various points on the site. These sleeves are installed to provide a way to extend wiring or lines under the pavement in the future should it be needed. Some of the future needs already in play are new internet cable to the building and a water line out to the CTK sign. The sleeves are large enough to accommodate more cables and lines for future needs.
  • Rough grading of topsoil in landscape and lawn areas was completed.
  • You may notice the stone along the edge of the parking lot south of the building looks different than other areas. This stone is an “open-graded” material designed to allow water to freely flow down through it. Part of the pavement in this area will be concrete pavers that allow the parking lot water to flow through them, through the stone, and then into a storage reservoir. This is all part of the parking lot’s stormwater management system which is required by new codes to reduce stormwater runoff and improve stormwater quality.
  • DC Burbach is on the site today installing the new concrete curbs. Following the curbs will be the new sidewalks and dumpster pad by the end of the week.
Parking for this week and two Sunday’s will be in the west parking lot. The south lot and drives will remain closed for now.


June 7, 2018: Parking on Sunday – We anticipate that all stone base will be installed in both the west and south parking lots and drives.  The west parking lot will be open in its entirety for use.  The south parking lot and drives will be closed.


June 4, 2018: A good amount of work has been accomplished. Here is what has been finished and what the plan is for this week:

  • The majority of the west lot has been covered the in new crushed limestone base.  This will be the surface and area that will be used for some time moving forward.  There is one section within the SW corner that does not have the stone.  This is being left open to dry (more on that later). The west entry still has the old asphalt on it.  This will be left in place for the time being as it is being used to minimize tracking dirt onto the road.
  • Topsoil removal and rough grading has been completed on the south side of the building.  Once the west lot is stoned more time will be spent here to shape this into the new parking and driveway layout.
  • The rain garden has been rough excavated at the SW corner of the site. Topsoil will eventually be added and the area shaped into more subtle contours.
  • Payne & Dolan expects to work this Saturday, likely concentrating on the south side of the building.
  • So far more unstable soil has been encountered then had been anticipated. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be detected with certainty beforehand. We are trying to dry out some of the unstable soil (SW corner of the west lot) and will continue to do what we can to mitigate adding time and cost to the project.
  • We hope to see Outdoor Lighting back on site early this week to complete the conduit and light pole base installation. We still have no word on light pole delivery. This is not unusual as the manufacturers do not typically communicate well about when they will be shipping their products.
  • We expect that all stone base will be installed by the end of this week. The next step after that is new concrete walks and curbs.


May 31, 2018: Please Note: the yellow/orange portion is where parking will be allowed until further notice.  This area will be “rocked” and ready for parking. The south lot will be closed for the time being. There is no longer any pavement, so folks will need to be a little careful. They do a great job of making the surface walkable, but it is still rock and not pavement. There will still be cones here and there that need to be avoided. Entrance will be through the main doors.


May 29, 2018: Work continues on your new parking lot.

  • Lighting – Most of the new light pole bases and conduit are in place.  The contractor will return to complete conduit installation once additional grading work is completed in the SE area.  We do not yet have a delivery date for the new light poles.  We are waiting to hear from the manufacturer and timeframe will be provided when available.
  • Grading, excavating, and stone placement.  Payne & Dolan (P&D) started this major portion of the project on Wednesday last week.  They concentrated on the north half of the west lot removing the old asphalt, excavation to the parking lot sub-grade (platform for the new pavement), placement of a geosynthetic fabric, and new stone installation.
  • During the excavation, we found some poor underlying soils that were very unstable.  This soil was removed and is being replaced with new stone.
  • Barring any problems, P&D finished the stone installation in the north area last week.
  • This week P&D will continue with the removals working into the south half of the west lot.  How far they progress will depend on weather and the condition of the underlying soil.
  • No work will be performed Saturday thru Monday.  Work began again at 7 am today.


May 24, 2018: Parking on Sunday! Please use caution and judgment when parking on Sunday. The plan is to have the south/southwest end of the lot open for parking. Please watch for and park south of the cones! The main entrance and southeast doors will be open. The doors by AGC will be inaccessible.


May 23, 2018: Excavation Begins

One thing we can be certain about with a construction project is… wait a little bit and the schedule will almost always change.

Due to the wonderful weather, we have here in SE Wisconsin and the fact that due to the rain many of Payne & Dolan’s other projects are too wet to work on, our project has moved up in their schedule!

  • Today 5/23 P&D started excavating the west parking lot. They started in the north end of the lot so about half of the west lot was closed. This is the start of a major portion of the work. As they excavate the new area they will often place stone so that, as much as is possible, the church will have either old asphalt or new stone to use for parking.
  • The majority of the electrical work was completed on Tuesday, 5/22. Outdoor Lighting will return to complete the pole installation later. Additionally, they will have some trenching and conduit installation to complete south of the building that is being delayed due to the need for P&D to complete some grading first.
  • Joel and I reviewed with Laurie parking and access for AGC’s last two days of school (Weds & Thurs). Joel will be out in the lot as parents drive in the mornings to help them know where to park and where to enter the building. All church staff should park on the south side of the building so we leave the open portion of the west lot for parents and visitors.Joe Teglia

May 2018: Pre-Construction Begins

Pre-construction work has started and we have a construction schedule!  Weather permitting, we will have the parking lot and all work completed by June 30.
Before the lot is paved, we will have trees removed, electrical work will be done, and concrete replaced.
During the next 6 weeks, there will be access to the church at all times, but it may not be all doors that are accessible. We will communicate via connections, bulletins and the website, the status of any changes that might be necessary to access the doors and/or parking lot and any other information that people coming to CTK might need to know.

April 2018: Trees & Landscaping

Thanks to the efforts of Eric Weidig we have a contract that has been forwarded to the contractor for signature. My goal is that contract is executed and the preconstruction meeting will be held before May 1st. At that time we will have a schedule to share with the congregation.
Two weeks ago our arborist walked the property and marked five Norway Maples (near the sign and along W. Shore Drive) for removal. Three were marked based on decay and two due to proximity to the construction zone. Please take a moment after church this Sunday, assuming that the snow is gone and familiarize yourself with the trees that have been marked. Of particular interest to the committee are your thoughts related to the two trees nearest the work zone. While you are out and about, please let us know your thoughts on the pine trees along Genesee St. The top thirty feet are spectacular, the bottom twenty, not so much. As we endeavor to improve the “curb appeal” of CTK, let us know your thoughts about the removal of the pine trees as well.
Cheryl Steinbach has generously volunteered to coordinate landscaping efforts to be done by the congregation. Stay tuned for more info from Cheryl and her team.
Drop us a note at CTKPark622@gmail.com or contact Michael Groh at mgroh@pciteam.biz with your comments.

Drone image of CTK parking lot:

March 2018:


CTK Parking Lot Express Opportunities for Support


CTK Member(s) to coordinate

  • Coordinate removal of all plants in the two planting beds west of the church
  • Remove, store and replant plantings adjacent to the west drive # 1
  • Coordinate plantings in the rain garden #2
  • Coordinate plantings, trees & shrubs as approved by the City #3

Donation of $6,500 to purchase all plants, trees & shrubs mentioned above


Joel Gerth Walkway – $10,000 #4


LED Fixtures and Installation in Planting Beds #5

LED Fixtures and Installation to replace existing wayfinding  lights #6

Install outlet podium on the west edge of lot to provide power for outside services #7

Prices TBD

Dumpster Enclosure

Specifications call for the installation of uprights to accommodate future fencing. Jerry Spencer has some great ideas for materials. #8

Prices TBD

December 2017: ERTF has completed the bidding documents and has forwarded to six contractors for bidding. We have increased the number of ADA stalls, providing a dropoff lane at the main entrance and realigned the entrances. Parking lot lighting will be enhanced with the increased number of light poles with LED fixtures. Bids are due by January 16, 2018. Contractors have been instructed that they may begin work on April 4, 2018. Feedback from the contracting community has been positive and we are expecting very competitive bidding. The congregation will be updated and the Annual Meeting.

October 2017: Parking Lot Express Update Listening Session held at CTK. Click here to view the presentation.

September 2017:  A civil drawing showing the proposed parking lot layout was submitted to the City of Delafield on August 28, 2017. We also submitted a proposed parking lot lighting schematic along with a landscape plan which includes a rain garden.These drawings will be reviewed by the City of Delafield Planning Commission on the 27th of September. Our goal is that they will make a recommendation to the Common Council for approval at their meeting on October 2, 2017.  There have been a few adjustments to the last drawing presented in early June. There is a possibility that there may be further modifications pending City review. After review/approval by the City, we have scheduled a listening session for feedback and comments by the congregation. The date for the listening session after Church is October 15, 2017.


August 2017: Over last few weeks, the committee has met with the city of Delafield Planning Commission and will be on the September 27, 2017, Planning Commission agenda for approval of the parking lot design. The committee has also been working with surveyors, lighting engineers, and landscape architects to finalize all details of our new parking lot.  We will be sending out for bids in September and will be able to announce a timeline for starting the project in early October. We are hopeful to be able to begin construction in 2017 dependent on contractor availability and weather. Property and grounds are currently receiving quotes for the removal of ~13 dead trees on the north end of the property and pruning for safety and to increase the visibility of the church from the street.  Arborist’s fees for this work was included in our parking lot express budget and will be taken down this fall, contractor and weather permitting.

July 2017: On July 9 at a called meeting of the congregation, with 103 members in attendance, the members of CTK unanimously approved the following motion: Approve moving forward with Exhibit C for the proposed parking lot, giving authority to the CTK Parking Lot Committee to handle details of the project in an amount not to exceed $365,000. Following the congregational vote, the ERTF met on July 12.  Over the next 6 weeks, CTK will be meeting with the City of Delafield Planning Commission and developing Plans & Specifications for bidding purposes.  The time frame for moving ahead with the project is dependent on the approval from the City of Delafield which we hope to receive August 30, 2017.  Shortly thereafter, we will incorporate any changes and distribute the Plans & Specifications for bidding purposes. The current target for receiving bids from the contractors is September 2017. Contractor workload and long-term weather forecast will determine the start date for the project.

May 2017: A second listening session was held on May 7th to address ideas/questions regarding configuration of the lot, materials, project phasing and associated costs.  On May 14th a kickoff meeting was held for the capital campaign to raise funds to pay for rehabilitation of the parking lot. The campaign was short-lived, six-weeks, and SUCCESSFUL!  During this time period over $190,000 was raised!  This amount, along with our existing funds, puts our current fund at $365,000 allowing us to move forward with a parking lot rehabilitation project without the use of loans or any undesignated memorial funds! The Stewardship Committee organized the capital campaign and Bob Rooney led the charge.

April 2017: On April 16th ERTF posted three configuration options (one being our current layout) along with projected costs (in the sanctuary and on CTK’s website) so that the members of the congregation could gain an understanding of the overall project scope. Feedback at our listening session on April 23rd along with emails that were forwarded to CTKPARK622@gmail.com made it very clear that more information was needed.   The ERTF and Executive Committee will continue with project updates using our website, CTK Connections and the bulletin. Please email your questions and or comments to CTKPARK622@gmail.com or a committee member so that they can be addressed.

Committee Members: The ERTF committee members overseeing this project are Kirk Carlson, Mark Ellena, Conrad Ettmayer, Michael Groh and Jerry Spencer. This team reports to the Executive Committee; Sue Ettmayer, President, Carol White, Vice President, Norb Steinback, Treasurer, Leeann Quinlan, Secretary, Toni Palmer, Past President and Pastor Jordan.

Parking Lot Exhibit C

Parking Lot Handout #3