Partnership in ministry is evident in the way Christ the King organizes its leadership. We practice “Cooperative Leadership” in the congregation. Pastor and Lay leaders work together. The following serve as leaders on the Church Council:

Pastor Lindsay Jordan
Sue Ettmayer – President
Carol White – Vice President
LeeAnn Quinlin – Secretary
Norb Steinbach – Treasurer
Jon Kilmer – Stewardship
Kirk Carlson – Property and Grounds
Amy Bonesho – Education
Joel Gerth – Audit and Budget
Meredy Hase – Personnel
Sheri Showers – Youth and Family
Vicky Jaeger – Worship Chair Person
Bev Waltz – Fellowship Chair Person
Donna Finch – Membership Chair Person

The following resources are offered to help people engage with leadership processes.

CTK’s Constitution and Bylaws, 2011
Property Work Request
Building Use Agreement

Annual Report of the Congregation
Each January, leaders in the congregation submit an annual report to the congregation. These reports highlight what has gone well in ministry and provides vision for future ministry.  Each Annual Report also provides information related to the funding of the ministry and provides a copy of a proposed budget for the year. That budget is approved at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation. At the same time, Annual Reports are officially received. The Annual Meeting is held in January.

2016 Annual Report – Presented to the Congregation in January 2017
2015 Annual Report
 – Presented to the Congregation in January 2016
2014 Annual Report – Presented to the Congregation in January 2015

Approved Minutes of the Church Council:
(Those posted here are generally approved at the meeting following the date for which the minutes were written, so there will always be about a month lag-time between a council meeting and the posting of the minute

Church Council Minutes, August 18, 2015
Church Council Minutes, September 8, 2015
Church Council Minutes, October 13, 2015
Church Council Minutes, November 10, 2015
Church Council Minutes, December 8,2015
Church Council Minutes, January 12,2016
Church Council Minutes, February 2,2016
Church Council Minutes March 8,2016
Church Council Minutes, April 12,2016
Church  Council Minutes, May 10, 2016
Church Council Minutes, June 13,2016
Church Council Minutes, July 12,2016

Church Council Minutes, August 9,2016
Church Council Minutes, September 13,2016
Church Council Minutes, October 11,2016
Church Council Minutes, November 8, 2016
Church Council Minutes, December 13,2016

 Church Council Minutes, January 10, 2017
Church Council Minutes February 14, 2017
Church Council Minutes March 14, 2017


Church Council Portal: A page of resources for church council members