The Exterior Renovation Task Force (ERTF) has been exploring numerous options for the parking lot replacement project at CTK. The attached drawings represent our current parking lot (Exhibit A). Exhibits B & C are preliminary designs that have been generated to encourage members of Christ the King to consider what are important design elements as we move through the design phase. Please note that Exhibits B & C include a rendering of a proposed portico for consideration by the congregation. Watch this space and at Church in the upcoming days for more information. ERTF welcomes your feedback as we prepare for the Listening Session on April 23rd and the congregational Meeting on May 7. Please send your comments

Parking Lot Information 2017

Parking Lot Exhibit A

Parking Lot Exhibit B

Parking Lot Exhibit C

Parking Lot Handout #2

CTK Geotech Report, Parking Lot, September 2013

Parking Lot Handout #3

Pavement Listening Session #2 Powerpoint